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Sporting News Touts Maponga

Rising junior Stansly Maponga (Photo: Keith Robinson)
Rising junior Stansly Maponga (Photo: Keith Robinson)

Sporting News calls TCU defensive end Stansly Maponga one of the five most underrated defensive linemen in the country, and "another in coach Gary Patterson’s long line of developing projects into star defensive linemen."

Maponga had nine sacks last fall, but did so in the Mountain West Conference—where the focus of the entire season was Boise State. Until, that is, TCU beat the Broncos and ended their run at a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

It was then that Maponga made himself known, at least for the moment. He had a sack (one of nine on the season) and was part of a TCU pass rush that hounded Boise State QB Kellen Moore into his worst game of the season.