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TCU Announces "Frog Vision" - The Digital Platform For All Tier 3 Media and More

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TCU has announced the creation of "Frog Vision," a digital online network which will carry all of TCU's tier 3 media content as well as all online radio broadcasts, press conference's and more. The service, similar to Kansas State's online media service, will be available on a monthly or yearly membership basis.

According to the release, at least one football game, some mens/womens basketball games, all home baseball games and gameday audio for all 20 sports will be apart of this service.

Beginning this fall, Frog Vision will be the lone carrier of TCU's weekly news conferences and online audio streaming.

The Annual Frog Vision Subscription Includes:

  • One TBD football game
  • Football live game audio
  • Videos of news conferences and player interviews
  • All home soccer and volleyball video
  • Select home men's and women's basketball and baseball video
  • Men's and women's basketball, baseball and volleyball live game audio
  • Highlight videos from each sport

More from the release, including pricing, below: will introduce Tuesday the new Frog Vision multimedia player, an online channel for the most comprehensive audio and video coverage of TCU athletics.

Frog Vision features live game audio and video broadcasts, news conferences and original programming from TCU football, men's and women's basketball, baseball, volleyball and soccer, with additional highlights and feature content for all of TCU's 20 sports.

A monthly, renewing Frog Vision subscription is available for $9.95 each month. An annual renewing package is $79.95, for a total savings of $40.

Frog Vision includes expanded video navigation controls and advanced search functions in a full-screen-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio, compatible with Adobe Flash-enabled web browsers. Select contests will be streamed live and produced by TCU's Film/Television/Digital Media department.

Subscribers can get right to the content they crave by sorting TCU content by date range, sport, keyword, featured channel, or live streaming events.

Frog Vision makes it easier for fans to share their favorite videos online! Expanded "Share" options within the video player enable users to post links directly to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or send directly to others with the "Email to a Friend" function.

Additionally, Frog Vision provides users with self-management options such as resetting passwords, updating billing information and managing multiple subscriptions. Users can manage these features and more in the "Your Account" section.

Frog Vision is the best way for TCU fans to follow their teams from the comfort of their own home or office!