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Does Gary Patterson Like the Nike Anthracite Uniform?


The only new uniform we have seen for TCU this season is the new Nike "Anthracite" or as I like to say, gray… A lot of Frog fans aren’t very happy with that look. We have seen it from schools like Oklahoma State last season, but TCU fans want to see their team in purple and I don’t necessarily blame them. The most important question though is...How does Gary Patterson feel about "Anthracite?"

SI: Did you get any input into the new uniforms?
GP: I just saw them on my desk one morning. My nose has been down; I've got enough going on. I just know we won't let them step out of the tunnel with anything other than purple, white or black.

Now, I don’t know if that means Gary just didn’t want to get into uniform talk or maybe he just misspoke or does that mean we will not see the Nike Anthracite uniforms on the field this season? To me it sounds like it was just a general statement but we will have to wait and see…