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SBNation BlogPoll- Preseason


If this ain't the last nail in the coffin of the off-season, I dunno what is. It's time to re-up the Frogs O' War ballot in the SBNation BlogPoll, pre-season edition.

Only this time, the usual disclaimers are nearly muted; mooted, even. The corral of bloggers here at Frogs O' War are pooling ballots and making an averaged ballot for the whole blog. Purple Wimple's ballot will (always!) abide by The Rule,* but the other voters in the FOW combined ballot probably aren't as persnickity. So with a fond hat tip to Black Hearts Gold Pants, probably Frogs O' War won't make the wildest swing top five every week in the poll analysis.

Another note: pre-season polls are stoopid. These measure hype, bias, carry-over from last year's wins and losses, and little else. </rant>

*what's The Rule? Why, it's simple, and maddening: for at least one week, the winner of a game must outrank the loser of the same game. This is how you make on-field results really matter. All that other crap is window dressing.

Analysis: after the jump.

So FOW is on the Alabama train. The Crimson Tide got two first-place votes, and USC got one. (USC and LSU tied in the ballot average, and I used the first-place vote to break the tie.

Speaking of ballots, and my hatred for pre-season ones, I used Paul Myerberg's ranking (as far as it has been revealed) for my ballot. His analysis is as good as anyone's, but even his is just a lot of guessing.