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BEVO WEEK: The Whole Cow

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It's BEVO WEEK at Frogs o' War-- in many ways, it's the one we've all been waiting for. Beating Texas is perhaps the penultimate goal of every Big 12 program. In those years-- typical as they are-- in which a national championship is not on the table, it becomes the ultimate goal.

TCU will be no exception.

To celebrate the return to normal, let's peruse exactly what comes with an entire cow.

According to, one complete cow produces: 16 filet mignon steaks, 28 New York strip steaks, 16 rib eye steaks, 48 sirloin steaks, 40 one pound packages of stir fry, fully 265 one pound packages of ground beef, and some jerky.

In other words, it's the jackpot.