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Saturday Football Open Thread- Football All Day

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Thursday was nice, South Carolina got a controversial win. Friday was nicer, Michigan State took care of the Boise State BCS dream early this year- this will be the third year in a row Boise doesn't go undefeated and Tennessee showed that they aren't dead. However, college football is about playing on Saturday- and this Saturday we have games all day.

If you get up early or are in Australia and up late, you can watch Notre Dame and Navy tussle in Ireland at 8 AM Texas time- possibly the most unique game day experience you'll see with tens of thousands or Irishmen who may or may not have any understanding of the game, but love anything hard hitting. After that at 11 AM the variety starts as Penn State plays its first season opener without Joe Paterno in decades against Ohio, our Big Ten brothers in purple, the Northwestern wildcats, take on our not-quite conference mates in Syracuse, and Florida starts its typically incredibly taxing non-conference schedule with Bowling Green.

Immediately following that at 2:30 PM OUR Big 12 conference (how awesome is that?) kicks off with Iowa State hosting Tulsa, with Nebraska hosting Southern Miss and Miami (Florida) taking on Boston College. Then at 6 PM in the kickoff classic (two days late, but whatever) ACC champ Clemson takes on Auburn, our buddies in Denton head into the Tiger's den (or Tiger's swamp with these weather conditions) at LSU and preseason #1 USC takes on Hawaii (6:30 PM).

Those games will likely go by the wayside as we turn our attentions slightly east as defending SEC runner up Alabama takes on Michigan in Dallas at 7PM, with an undercard of Wyoming at Texas if the fates have decreed that you shall receive the Longhorn Network. Finally the festivities wrap up as Oklahoma travels out to West Texas/North Mexico to take on UTEP in El Paso at 9:30 PM. The summer was long, but football is here- this is your open thread to comment on any game you want throughout the day, let us know what you're watching and what you think.

Go football, and go Frogs!