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Hump Day Afternoon Links

I think I'm in love......................
I think I'm in love......................

It's Hump Day, and you are bored at work. How about some light CFB reading from around the interwebs? Yes, you are welcome.

Notre Dame Football Stays Independent, Gets Everything At Once -
While we all wrap our heads around the news that Notre Dame is (sort of) joining the ACC, they'll just be over here having their cake and eating it, too.

ACC Can Re-Do TV Contract With Notre Dame Aboard, According To Report -
By adding Notre Dame the ACC will be allowed to renegotiate its contract with ESPN and seek additional compensation.

How To Beat Alabama: All-Access Look At Preparing For The Tide -
SB Nation had an exclusive, all-access view of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers as they spent a week preparing to play the best team in college football.

NCAA Investigating Jovon Robinson, Says Another Memphis HS Coach -
Auburn recruit Jovon Robinson was ruled ineligible after an investigation determined at least one of his high school grades had been improperly changed.

This Week In Schadenfreude: The Hog Containment Field Has Been Shut Off -
Arkansas losing to ULM has set Slimer loose on the internet. A Kansas fan inadvertently references the crucifixion, thread devolves into armadillos speed discussion. Wisconsin is North Korea.

Gay North Dakota Football Player Says Kiss Cost Him Spot On Team -
A freshman at a two-year college in North Dakota is saying he was kicked off the football team because he is gay.

The BCS Eliminator, Week 2: Auburn, Arkansas Plummet To Purgatory -
For more than half the country, the BCS National Championship is already all but officially no longer a realistic goal. College football is the meanest sport.

The Alphabetical, Week 2: The Week Of The Bulldog -
The Alphabetical this week explains the Week of the Bulldog, and knows exactly four things about college football two weeks into the season.

Watch 'Shutdown Fullback' Try Not To Preview Notre Dame-Michigan State! -
Having perfected the art of the college football preview, the worlds only college football show journeys through Heaven and Hell in search of Week 3 truths.

Missouri Fan Prefers His Football On The Rocks - From Our Editors -
Just a Mizzou fan chillin on the rocks...