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TCU Has Better Players Than Rice Did... is an independent Kansas Jayhawk website. The writers over there posted some player interviews on their website today so I decided to check them out and see what the enemy had to say about TCU. Check out the videos after the jump.

Kansas Sophomore RB Tony Pierson

Notable quote: "TCU by looking at them on film and paper, they got better players than Rice did so that means we will have to step our game up even more to get a W."

Kansas Senior WR Daymond Patterson

Notable quotes: "We’re ready to go. As you see a lot of underdog teams are winning. We feel like just cause their 16 doesn’t mean we can’t go out there and win the game. That’s what we are going out there to do, to win the game."

"They have a couple good players in their secondary but they also have a young secondary. A lot of guys with not a lot of experience…I feel like their secondary has some good talent but I think we will be able to do some things."

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