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FOW Friday Picks: Week 3 (9/13-9/15)

Man, this week's slate of games is truly shitty.

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Texas at Ole Miss
FungoFrog- Texas 30, Ole Miss 13: Texas is better than we thought they would be on offense, Ash is channeling his inner 'Bama quarterback-ness and the defense is very, very good. Ole Miss, on the other hand, sucks.

Angry Trey- Texas- 28, Ole Miss 10: It is a matchup of unbeaten teams, but really neither team has beaten anyone. The Ole Miss defense will hang tough, but their offense will not be able to score enough points.

Purple Wimple- Texas 43, Ole Miss 6: Texas gets a safety in an otherwise boring slaughtering of the sacrificial SEC underling.

Hawkeyed Frog- Texas 30, Ole Miss 13: I really like what Hugh Freeze is doing out East, but it's too soon for the gentlemen of the Grove to think about upsetting Texas. We'll get through this one mercifully without SEC chants.

Oklahoma State vs. Louisiana Lafayete
FungoFrog- Oklahoma State 52, Louisiana Lafayette 10: Oklahoma State is going to want to turn the page aggressively on last week and move on, LL is the perfect opponent to do that against. This one will get ugly.

Angry Trey- Oklahoma State- 42, Louisiana Lafayette 21: After a rough week trying to recover from their loss to Arizona, the Cowboys rebound nicely against another inferior opponent.

Purple Wimple- Oklahoma State 49, Louisiana Lafayette 27: This is a fun game to watch-plenty of turnovers, big plays; generally it's poor defense, and roaring offenses.

Hawkeyed Frog- Oklahoma State 71, Louisiana Lafayette 14: The Cowboys are mad, and when that happens two things happen: Gundy rants and Okie State blows out an over matched opponent.

West Virginia vs. James Madison
FungoFrog- West Virginia 52, James Madison 7: WVU is good... James Madison plays football?

Angry Trey- West Virginia- 65, James Madison 14: West Virginia is going to do what they do best and that is score a lot of points. This will not be pretty for James Madison.

Purple Wimple- West Virginia 60, James Madison 19: The Mountaineers do what the Mountaineers do.

Hawkeyed Frog- West Virginia 67, James Madison 6: Dana decides to pull his starters early, but the backups move the ball on Madison with ease as well.

Kansas State vs. North Texas
FungoFrog- Kansas State 49, North Texas 7: I move that North Texas should be demoted to D1-AA.

Angry Trey- Kansas State- 45, North Texas 10: Kansas State made a statement last week by completely dismantling "The U." The Wildcats will do it again this week as North Texas shouldn't even be allowed on the same field. KSU wins big.

Purple Wimple- Kansas State 38, North Texas 10: K-State is becoming a darling of the press and a not-so-darkhorse pick to surprise in the Big12 this year. Another exhibition of why: balance.

Hawkeyed Frog- Kansas State 38, North Texas 14: Snyder won't blow out his old friend and fellow former staffer at Iowa, Dan McCarney. However McCarney's guys play well and use the relative close-ness of this game as a springboard to win the sun belt this year.

Texas Tech vs. New Mexico
FungoFrog- Texas Tech 52, New Mexico 28: Tech is better than people thought, that receiving core is strong. New Mexico is much improved, they will score late.

Angry Trey- Texas Tech- 38, New Mexico 20: The Longhorns smashed on New Mexico and I know the Red Raiders aren't Texas, but New Mexico is bad. If you lose to the Lobos, you have major issues.

Purple Wimple- Texas Tech 41, New Mexico 12: New Mexico kicks 4 field goals in an other-wise feckless performance. TTech is rolling.

Hawkeyed Frog- Texas Tech 51, New Mexico 9: Okay, I'm on the Tech bandwagon until they play a real opponent. Tech wins this game by a a ton.

Baylor vs. Sam Houston State
FungoFrog- Baylor 40, Sam Houston State 0: Baylor is also better than we thought... Very senior team.

Angry Trey- Baylor- 48, Sam Houston State 14: Sam Houston State isn't a bad team, but they don't have the talent to keep up with Baylor. We will see another good game from Florence and Baylor wins easily.

Purple Wimple- Baylor 60, Sam Houston State 6: classless whipping of a 2A team.

Hawkeyed Frog- Baylor 31, Sam Houston State 21: State almost catches the Bears unawares, sticking with them thoughout the game before Baylor pulls away late. Baylor knows they've been in a fight and that RG III isn't coming back.

Iowa State vs. Western Illinois
FungoFrog- Iowa State 24, Western Illinois 10: Iowa State... I had hope for you this year.

Angry Trey- Iowa State- 28, Western Illinois 3: Does anyone actually care about this game besides the two teams playing in the game? Can we just blow the field up instead of having to predict this one?

Purple Wimple- Iowa State 31, Western Illinois: 10: Steele Jantz leads the Cyclones to a slightly surprising 3-0. Are they used to winning in Ames?

Hawkeyed Frog- Iowa State 27, Western Illinois 0 : Jantz breaks out of his slump and produces three scores, one on the ground and two in the air. Iowa State is looking like a less and less friendly home game as the season progresses.

TCU at Kansas
FungoFrog- TCU 42, Kansas 10: Gary pushes the score up in the third quarter, Charlie Weis regrets doing no research (except for reading the media guide).

Angry Trey- TCU 35, Kansas 13: TCU is coming off an easy win. Kansas is trying to bounce back from a disappointing loss. There will be no upset in this game though because the Frogs will come out fired up for their first Big 12 conference game. The game will be close at half but the Frogs break it open mid 3rd quarter.

Purple Wimple- TCU 44, Kansas 10: Welcome to the new Big12, Kansas. You're the underdogs to a glorified Mountain West team. Here's another touchdown. Smile, there's another one coming when the 2s get tired and the 3s get into the game.

Hawkeyed Frog- TCU 51, Kansas 13: After a quarter ends with the score tied at 7, TCU floors it and by the end of the fourth quarter all that's left in the stadium are 2,000 TCU fans celebrating Big 12 win #1.