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SBNation BlogPoll Ballot: Week 3


Even with a committed resume poller in the mix, the Frogs O' War ballot is beginning to show stability-- only one team (Baylor! How perfect!) dropped out of the ballot this week. That means there's some consensus among the FOW pollsters about which teams ought to be ranked. Commentary below the jump.

The big winners at Frogs O' War's ballot HQ this week: Alabama, which is a unanimous number one (and probably will be that just about everywhere else, too), and West Virginia, Stanford, and Notre Dame, which jumped a combined 35 spots in the ballot.

Virginia Tech, Michigan State, and USC fell-- but not all the way out of the poll.

Curiously, TCU-- which won its game-- fell seven spots in its own blog's ballot. Is there a more telling analysis of the Horned Frogs' effort in Lawrence?