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Frogs O' War: The Fall 2012 Football Coverage Schedule

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 17: Tennis fans reads the daily match schedule during day one of the 2011 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17 2011 in Melbourne Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 17: Tennis fans reads the daily match schedule during day one of the 2011 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17 2011 in Melbourne Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We have been incredibly blessed here at Frogs O' War to have a dedicated base of supporters who make this site their TCU sports home every week. In fact, FOW has grown tremendously over the last six months, averaging well over 8000 visitors a week now while setting records with, what seems to be, each passing day, week or month.

Well, you have shown your investment in us and we would like to show you some love back, so we have developed a fall schedule chock full of content and analysis that you simply will not be able to find anywhere else. A combination of news, stats, analysis and witty fun will make your daily home for all things TCU Football. The usual links, outstanding baseball coverage and shenanigans will continue, but we think you are truly going to enjoy what we have in store for you over the next five months or so.

For a preview, let's jump right in...

Big 12 Scoreboard
Your Sunday morning hangover will begin to be healed when you start reading HawkeyedFrog's review of all things Big 12 from the preceding night's contests. No matter the scores or our present state of mind, you will always have these scores ready and waiting for you to digest.

NFL Open Thread
We love to talk TCU Football, but why not include a little NFL in our lives as well? Come and stop by FOW on Sunday afternoon to talk about your team's big day on the field... Whether you are trashing Tony Romo or talking about the rationale behind putting cheese on your head, come do it here with your FOW family.

Inside The Numbers
All of the FOW staff will give their initial reactions to Saturday's results right after the game, but numbers guy AngryTrey will begin the process of breaking down all the important stats and indicators from the previous days contest in this stat-centric post. Trey is going to have some fantastic stuff to look at here, perfect for both the casual fan as well as the football die-hard, it will definitely be a MUST READ.

Monday Morning Quarterback
Immediately following the conclusion of the big TCU football game, all FOW authors will drop by to give their thoughts in the post game thread. But, after a solid 24 hours of chewing our football cud, we will pool our collective wisdom into the weekly Monday Morning Quarterback, a look back at the good, bad and ugly of each TCU win. It will not be kosher, certainly politically incorrect and not for the faint of heart; BUT, it is a must for all you water cooler talkers, get ready for the goods.

Frogs O' War BlogPoll Draft Ballot
Each week, the FOW staff pools their collective wisdom into our SBNation Top 25 BlogPoll Ballot. In a sign of true bravery, we will post this ballot each Monday evening for you to dissect, interpret and bemoan... We expect the worst, so bring it!

Frogs In The NFL
With a dozen or so former Frogs playing in the league, it is always good to keep up with our boys and their current successes... AngryTrey will be by each Tuesday with your weekly update.

Game Week
Tuesday is the official start of game week, the time when we move on from the previous contest and prepare for our next battle... All relevant information, stats, rankings, weather reports and more will be available here.

Gary Patterson Weekly Presser Live Thread & Thoughts
Each Tuesday at 12:30, Gary Patterson takes to the podium to give his thoughts on the Frogs and answer questions from the media. This is always an interesting 20-30 minutes, so Purple Wimple will be here to live post, analyze and opine on Gary's most recent ramblings. Do you know a better way to spend your Tuesday lunch time? I don't.

SBNation BlogPoll Results
You have seen our ballot, now time to look at the whole enchilada. Often controversial, never consistent, but incredibly accurate.

Old-Timey Game Story
Remember the golden age of football, when the newspaper story was all you knew about a football game unless you actually got to attend? We recreate this feeling with a flashback to yesteryear, a hilarious write-up you will not want to miss.

SBN Afternoon Linkaliciousness
If you read FOW, you undoubtedly know the wonder that is SBNation... We will find some of our favorite stories from around the nation and around the Big 12 and post them here.

FOW Weekly Podcast
The FOW guys will get together each week to discuss the previous weeks context, the upcoming battle and things in-between. Special guests? Maybe. Inflammatory statements? Guaranteed.

Keys To The Game
This doesn't need much of an explanation, we break down the upcoming contest to a few specific areas of focus the Frogs will need to attack in order to prevail. Take this and use it at your weekend tailgate before the game, you will become that expert go-to fan you always dreamed you could be.

Opponent Q&A
As we have been doing over the last few weeks, we will have a fellow SBNation Blog Expert answer some questions for us regarding the upcoming game, information we will surely use against them in a court of law (or, on the field of battle). These are always fun to do, can't wait.

Weekend Schedule
Ever thought to yourself, "So, who is playing who this weekend? And is that game on TV?" Be lost no more my friends, FOW will have every major game, time and TV location for you each week before the Thursday evening games get set to kick off.

Friday Smack Talk
Listen, we don't mind getting in the faces of our opponents, isn't mockery the sincerest form of flattery? Anyways, if you want some good lines to use right before you get into your Saturday Stadium Brawl, come stop by and read up on the inferior individuals we are preparing to trample over... It will certainly be a "hoot." (WARNING: Jokes will be much better than this)

FOW Weekend Picks
Have you ever watched College Game Day and thought, man, these guys SUCK at picking games. Well, so do we, so we will go ahead and take over for Kirk and Coach and do this every Friday afternoon in preparation for the weekends big contests, including TCU's!

It's gameday folks, no better day. Stop by FOW in the morning for your up-to-date news, stick around to talk about the game, stop by right after the game to talk about what went right or wrong and read up on what the FOW think too... It is gut reaction time, the best time to analyze any game, come stop by and give your two cents.