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Keys to the Game: TCU vs. Virginia


TCU looks to push the nation’s longest winning streak to 11 games on Saturday as they host Virginia in Ft. Worth for the first time ever. The Frogs suffered a big setback this week by losing Waymon James for the rest of the season, but if TCU follows my Keys to the Game, they will emerge victorious.

Establish the run: I know this just became even harder, but TCU has to establish the running game against Virginia. The Cavaliers gave up 461 rushing yards in their 56-20 loss to Georgia Tech last week. Virginia is allowing over 200 yards a game on the ground and 5.4 yards per carry. I know Tech is a predominantly rushing offense, and TCU has moved more towards the pass, but if Virginia is going to allow that kind of yardage on the ground, you have to take advantage of it.

Contain Virginia Passing Game: The Cavaliers are 33rd in the country in passing averaging 274 yards per game through the air. On the flip side they are 109th in rushing. Virginia will try to take some chances down field against this young TCU secondary. The corners and safeties will need to have another solid game yet again on Saturday.

Pressure the QB: Virginia quarterback Michael Rocco has already thrown three interceptions this season, two of them last week against Georgia Tech. If the Frogs can get pressure on Rocco, it will force him into bad throws and mistakes.

Protect the football: I said it last week and I might say it every week from here on out, PROTECT THE FOOTBALL!!! TCU would have blown out Kansas last weekend had they not fumbled four times. Luckily it was only Kansas because that type of performance will normally lead to defeat. The Frogs cannot allow another mediocre team to hang around in a game, it will eventually get them beat.

A lot of people say you see the most improvement in a team from game one to game two. I disagree with that opinion in the case of TCU this season. Since Grambling was such a pushover, you can’t really take much from that game. I saw the Kansas game as the first true game of the season and I think we see a big improvement in this team on Saturday. The Frogs will come out on fire and take care of business like I am expecting them to.