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Coming Soon: #SBNationUnited

Ain't she beautiful???
Ain't she beautiful???

You may have heard the rumblings, you saw our new logo, now it is time for a sneak peak at what we are calling, "SBNation United." What is United? Well, I can't tell you exactly, but what I can tell you is this: IT. IS. AWESOME!

It is more than a rethink, more than a redesign, more than a color scheme or logo revision. It is better, faster, cooler and will make all of our lives that much better.

Obviously, this will be an adjustment for you, it will be for us too. But, trust me, this is going to better for everyone and it will make your FOW experience second to none. Stick with us, we will work through all the kinks and be back to 100% in no time.

Frogs O' War wouldn't be what it is without you, our regular fans. The fact that a few thousand of you choose to make FOW your daily TCU sports site makes us so incredibly honored and it fuels us to continue to improve and provide you with the fantastic content you deserve.

And, for your loyalty, we want to provide you with a preview of what is to come very, very soon. Follow us in, after the jump.






Get ready...