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SBNation BlogPoll Ballot: Week 4

Frogs o' War rewards K-State and Florida State for their big wins Saturday, moving both into the top five, while dropping the losers of both games, OU and Clemson, significantly, all in this week's ballot in the SBNation BlogPoll.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Another week down, and the writers at Frog O' War have tallied the results, and come up with this combined ballot in the SBNation BlogPoll. Commentary below the jump.

This week's winners: Florida State and Kansas State, which finally won over the FOW balloters. One of them gave K-State a first place vote on the strength of the Wildcats' victory in Norman over the Sooners. Those Sooners fell six spots this week, the second-biggest drop. Clemson fell ten, for its drubbing at the hands of the Seminoles.

Also a winner- mostly-- is Baylor, which fell out of our ballot last week, and is back in. Rutgers is the newbie in the ballot.