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Keys to the Game: TCU @ SMU

If the Frogs follow these keys to the game they will leave Dallas with skillet in hand.

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It’s that time of the year again when TCU and SMU face off in the Battle for the Iron Skillet. TCU takes the trip east to Dallas to try and recapture the skillet that the Mustangs stole from the Frogs last season. If Gary Patterson and the Frogs follow these keys to the game, that skillet will be back where it needs to be in Ft. Worth.

Contain Zach Line:
You might be saying to yourself, why should TCU worry about Zach Line when SMU is ranked 36th in the country in passing? Well, it’s because Zach Line has owned TCU in the past two meetings. Line had 120 yard in 2011, and 139 yards in 2010. The Frogs cannot allow SMU to move the ball on the ground as they wish. It will slow the game down and favor the Mustangs.

Pressure Garrett Gilbert: We all know the Frogs have been lacking in the pass rush department, but this is a game where they need to get it fixed. Gilbert is a mediocre QB and that is putting it politely. The Frogs can force Gilbert into mistakes and bad throws if they can get pressure with their front four.

Let Casey be Casey: It’s clear that Casey Pachall and the WR’s are the strong point of this team. Let Pachall do what he does best and have him sling the ball all over Dallas on Saturday night. SMU allows 388 passing yards per game which is good for dead last in FBS.

Protect the Football: Does this even need to be said at this point? Please stop turning the ball over in the redzone. It is making me go crazy.

TCU should blow out SMU, but I am expecting a close game. It seems like this game is close every season. If the Frogs will quit shooting themselves in the foot and take care of business, this game could be over early.