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The showdown for the Iron Skillet: TCU Horned Frogs vs SMU Mustangs

It's SMU day- time to reclaim what we lost last season. The official gamethread for the Iron Skillet game between TCU and SMU

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

"Well if he's such a little monster, why don't they send him to reform school?"
"They don't send rotten little rich kids to reform school."
"Well where do they go?"
"SMU." - Red, White and Tuna.

The frogs are headed to Dallas tonight where they will face off against the methodist mustangs for the ninety first time. Tonight we test our mettle for the metal- the Iron Skillet which is ours by right of winning the first game in which it was contested. Tonight the Frogs try to take the skillet back from an SMU team that hasn't beaten TCU in consecutive seasons since '92-93, and has only won once in the series in their current stadium. They'll be hungry for a win, but this time TCU comes into the game with something SMU will never have: A Big 12 membership decal on their jerseys. We'll beat SMU not just because we're TCU and they're SMU, not just because we're Fort Worth and they're Dallas, and not just that they call us Ignorant frogs- but because we're in the Big 12 and they're in Conference USA. Big 12 teams shouldn't lose to CUSA teams, and that's not what we're going to do tonight.

We have the membership in the conference they covet- tonight we take back the other item they covet. Our Skillet. This is your open thread.

Let's beat the hell out of 'em.

Go Frogs!