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TCU 24, SMU 16- Iron Skillet Celebration thread

TCU reclaims the Iron Skillet from the Mustangs with a beastly defensive performance.

Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

TCU forces Garrett Gilbert into five interceptions, countering several special teams miscues of their own and TCU's defense chokes out the SMU offense. It was rainy, it was slippery and it was awful- but it's a win and it's our skillet once again. This is your celebration thread!



Purple Wimple: If that's not the ugliest win in Gary Patterson's portfolio, I would like to see what is. Check that-- no, I don't want to see it. TCU played with its hair on fire for a solid ten minutes, and then turned it in. Yes, it was wet-- really, really wet-- but that stopped bothering Gilbert & Co. in the red, so it just won't work as an excuse for TCU.

TCU barely got a yard per carry; the o-line and backfield just ain't getting it done.

The defense will look better on paper than it looked on the field. Gilbert threw to TCU a lot; but generally he had plenty of time to plant his feet and make the throws. TCU started collapsing his pocket in the last few drives, but until then was generally beaten by SMU's o-line.

Brandon Carter missed a TD in the endzone-- Pachall's throw hit in in the facemask. But generally TCU was just punchless on offense, and totally inept in special teams after the return for 6 right after halftime.

Ugly is the only word for it.