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SBNation BlogPoll: FOW Week 1 Ballot


Here's the Frogs O' War ballot in SBNation's Week 1 BlogPoll. This is the first ballot in 2012 that is based on actual games, and it's an average of all four FOW writers' ballots. Alabama got two first-place votes, USC two. And Oregon slipped right in there between them (which is, metaphorically, a bad place to be, don't you think?).

Commentary below the jump.

If you're scratching your head at Illinois, or Northwestern appearing on this ballot, remember that one of FOW's voters is a strict resume balloter. In previous years this voter (Purple Wimple, if you must know) was the only balloter for Frogs O' War (and it's earlier incarnation, "The Purple Wimple") and the ballots coming from this blog were consistently the second-wackiest in the BlogPoll. (Black Hearts Gold Pants' ballots were even weirder).

But now the resume ballot is only one third (sometimes just one fourth) of the FOW submission, and the wackiness is more muted. But early in the season when resumes are very short, there's still room for a some wildcards to sneak into the ballot.

Hear, hear.