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OKLAHOMA WEEK: CGP's Best and Worst

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TCU's final opponent in the 2012 regular season will be the Oklahoma Sooners, the projected winner of the Big 12. (We'll see how that projection holds up; the Sooners didn't look like conference-beaters in El Paso this weekend!)

To whet our appetite for the matchup, here's a look at Gary Patterson's best performances against the crimson and cream. (His worst: we'll relegate that to a station below the jump. Do you detect some bias here? Absolutely.)

Gary Patterson's first game as a coordinator in Fort Worth came against the Sooners, and already his style bedeviled OU. They won, but had to work so much harder than anyone anticipated to pull it off.

And then that magnificent upset in 2005: Boomer, sooner, indeed.

And then Sam Bradford opened a can on the Frogs in '08... It was painful.