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FOW Friday Picks: Week 2 (9/6-9/8)

This weeks picks were fairly easy to make... Except for TxTech-TxSt (UPSET ALERT).

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Iowa State @ Iowa
HawkeyedFrog- Iowa 23, Iowa State 20- Despite the wrath of "Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God" striking multiple times over the summer, Iowa can still run the ball, and when Iowa can run the ball at home they win. The Cyclones make it close, but Jantz can't make it two for two against the Hawkeyes.

AngryTrey- Iowa State 17, Iowa 20- Iowa survived a scare last weekend from Northern Illinois, and they will be tested again on Saturday. Iowa survives with a late 4th quarter FG.

FungoFrog- Iowa State 20, Iowa 14- There is something about those Cyclone linebackers that just gets me all excited... I think, with tensions running high, Iowa State makes a big play or two down the stretch to pull this one out.

Rice @ Kansas
HawkeyedFrog- Kansas 17, Rice 14- Charlie Weis has at least three heart attacks during this one, only two are due to him being overweight- the last one is that Rice drives down to field goal range with seconds left. They'll miss it, but it's still scary. Kansas squeaks it out, but Dayne Crist looks awful again.

AngryTrey- Rice 10, Kansas 21- Even though Kansas isn't great, Rice is much worse. Dayne Crist passes for over 200 yards to lead the Jayhawks to a victory.

FungoFrog- Rice 20, Kansas 10- Rice is getting better, I think, and I was fairly unimpressed by Charlie Weis and the Jayhawks... He still sucks, Crist still sucks, Rice pulls it out on the road

Miami @ #21 Kansas State
HawkeyedFrog- Kansas State 40, Miami 17- The Kansas State defense is legit, but the offense is much less of a one-man show this year. As the legend of "The U" collapses around him, Al Golden thinks fondly back to his Temple days and realizes he could have been the coach of a BCS conference team that wasn't about to be nuked.

AngryTrey- Miami 30, #21 Kansas State 24- I'm calling the upset here. Miami pulled out the victory in week one against Boston College and they will do it again this week. K-State allowed Missouri State to throw for over 300 yards. Miami will have success through the air which will lead to the upset.

FungoFrog- Kansas State 35, Miami 20- K-State wasn't dominant for four quarters last week, but they showed they have enough left this year to get the job done...

Florida A&M @ #5 Oklahoma
HawkeyedFrog- Oklahoma 70, Florida A&M 3- Stoops will be out for blood after a miserable showing against UTEP last week, so count on OU to attempt to put up a number similar to what Okie State put up last week. Florida A&M isn't that bad, but it'll still be bloody.

AngryTrey- Florida A&M 10, Oklahoma 35- The Sooners will look to rebound from a mediocre showing against UTEP. Oklahoma is back at home and I expect them roll over Florida A&M.

FungoFrog- Oklahoma 52, Florida A&M 10- Classic spike the ball game, but the Oklahoma defense once again shows it has some holes in it... The Sooners have issues folks, time to face facts.

#18 Oklahoma State @ Arizona
HawkeyedFrog- Oklahoma State 50, Arizona 27- Arizona falls victim to the Rich Rodriguez offensive transition problem- they rack up the yards but have trouble punching it in and commit too many turnovers. In year three under Rich Rod this would be a game to watch, but the only place this game will be close is in the box score.

AngryTrey- Oklahoma State 48, Arizona 20- It won't be the butt kicking the Cowboys handed out last week, but Arizona won't be able to stop the high powered Oklahoma State offense. Lunt throws for at least 3 TD's.

FungoFrog- Oklahoma State 35, Arizona 14- Last week the Cowboys shocked with their offense, this week they do the same with their defense against an aggressive Arizona team.

New Mexico @ #17 Texas
HawkeyedFrog- Texas 40, New Mexico 3- Texas continues its quest to prove that it too could have won the Mountain West if they really wanted to. New Mexico's defense takes another pounding on the ground from a Texas team, it'll be like we never left.

AngryTrey- New Mexico 14, Texas 35- New Mexico scored 66 points last week, but that was against Southern University. They will not come close to having that kind of success against this Texas defense. It might be close for the first ten minutes, after that I expect Texas to take control.

FungoFrog- Texas 33, New Mexico 7- Texas wins, looks good but not THAT good, the defense gives up a late touchdown and the Longhorns continue to look like a weaker version of a SEC team.

Texas Tech @ Texas State
HawkeyedFrog- Texas State 38, Texas Tech 31- The shock of the early season is in as Texas State upsets a former SWC member for the second week in a row. Texas Tech responds by never scheduling a road game to Texas State again.

AngryTrey- Texas Tech 35, Texas State 31- I want to predict another upset here, but I can't do it. The game will be tight the entire way, but the Texas State secondary won't be able to slow down Tech's passing attack and the Red Raiders escape San Marcos with a close fought victory.

FungoFrog- Texas State 24, Texas Tech 14- Dennis, you make me go wild. Tech is in a rebuilding decade, and this may be the low point. They are going crazy in floating land!

Grambling @ #20 TCU
HawkeyedFrog- TCU 48, Grambling 10- Grambling scores on its first possession to take the wind out of an amped up refurbished Amon Carter stadium... for about two minutes. After that it's all Horned Frogs and Patterson can name his score- Not being Oklahoma State, he chooses less than 80.

AngryTrey- Grambling 13, TCU 42- The Frogs come out and take care of business from the opening kickoff. The best part of this game will be watching the Grambling band at half time. Casey Pachall shines after an off season of turmoil off the field.

FungoFrog- TCU 42, Grambling 14- TCU will look good, no doubt, but I think the defense will show itself to be troublesome... No doubt, Gary will be worried after Game 1.