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Game 1 Game Thread: TCU vs. Grambling State

It seems like it's been forever since we last saw our Frogs take to the field, and the first week bye did nothing to alleviate that feeling as just about every other fanbase got their first looks at their team. Some were pleasantly surprised by what they found (Notre Dame) others were thoroughly disappointed (Michigan)- and now it's our turn to start finding out what this team will accomplish this season. One week at a time, one game at a time their story will be told, as win or lose this season we'll remember it for as long as we live- this is our first Big 12 season. It starts today. It starts now. Today the opponent is Grambling State, TCU will host in the rebuilt Amon Carter Stadium and Frogs O' War is your place to discuss every play, every snap, every commercial if the mood strikes you. If you're watching the game from anywhere apart from Amon Carter stadium, this is the place to hang out and discuss the game with your fellow Frog fans.

Everything starts today.

Go Frogs.