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One Half Doesn't Make It Right: Baylor Wins

Men's Basketball was up at half time, but the fact that they are a horrible team shown through in the end... Losing to Baylor should never be excusable, and it isn't now... Sigh...

Ronald Martinez

We didn't show up for the second half.

Sure, for that 20 minute halftime we were feeling good... We had a lead, Baylor wasn't playing well, things felt good.

But who are we kidding, we still stink. We are still TCU Basketball, and for at least one more year that will continue to be a derogatory statement.

Charles Hill played big minutes, that was nice to see. Clyde Smith continues to ride the pine, with no explanation... I don't get it.

Hill lead the Frog's with 12 points and eight boards, I hope this is his coming out party.

Final Score: 51-40 Baylor