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A.J. Hilliard Transfers to Texas A&M

TCU linebacker A.J. Hilliard has transferred to Texas A&M, or so it seems.

This is a developing story (or maybe it's much simpler than it seems), but it looks like TCU freshman linebacker A.J. Hilliard has transferred to Texas A&M.

And Hilliard had some not-so-cryptic tweets earlier as well:

Hilliard played in 11 games this season, mainly on special teams, and recorded only one tackle.

It's a very strange thing, simply because of the timing. He had an offer from Texas A&M last year, and could have taken it. Currently though, the Aggies have 14 linebackers on their roster (three of whom are seniors, so we can subtract them and get to 11). However, they also have seven more that are verbal commits.

That brings their linebacker total to 18 for next year.

Not including Hilliard.

It'll be interesting to see if anything comes out that helps explain this move in the next few days. It's always possible he just didn't feel comfortable at TCU. Sometimes it takes being there to know for sure. Either way, best of luck to him as he works to win a spot with the Aggies.