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Cats toy with Frogs, win 67-54

TCU drops their fourth in a row in a game that wasn't as close as the final score indicated.

It probably went in.  Ugh.
It probably went in. Ugh.

Kyan Anderson and Garlon Green, I love you guys and I know that anybody can have a bad night- but if you both have a bad night in the Big 12 we are going to get absolutely killed. That was evident tonight as Kansas State took a twenty point lead early in the second half and maintained that healthy margin until near the end of the game when the Frogs put together a decent performance against the K-State garbage(time) men. Anderson and Green combined to go 6 of 22, taking almost half of TCU's total shots and contributing greatly to the Frogs 0.375 shooting night. Frustratingly, the game had broken in such a way that if Anderson and Green had found their strokes the Frogs could have pulled off their most stunning upset of the Trent Johnson era- TCU was only narrowly outrebounded, despite K-State's rebounding strength and the Cats shooting a much better percentage, TCU took 14 more free throws than the wildcats and got a fantastic performance from Adrick McKinney who went 6-8, singlehandedly outscoring Anderson and Green's combined performance along with grabbing a beastly 9 rebounds.

The offense was problematic for the Frogs, but that's practically expected at this point, which meant that the unpleasant surprise of the game was the defense. The Wildcats shot just a smidge under 50% from the field and a smidge over 50% from 3- picking up 27 points from beyond the arc compared to 9 points for the froggy long range shooters. Possibly the most worrying aspect of the Wildcat offensive dominance is their 17-8 assist to turnover ratio- the frogs need to keep hands active in the passing lanes to try and force more turnovers, because it's a lot easier to step up the intensity on defense than it is to suddenly become a 50% shooter from 3. The Frogs will next be hosting the Iowa State Cyclones on Saturday in what could either be the Frog's finest defensive moment or another one-sided beating as the Cyclones haven't scored fewer than 70 points in any game this season. TCU, on the other hand, has scored over 70 points exactly twice. Be afraid, Frog fans, but be hopeful as well- this could be our finest moment.