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Extra Innings: The Hard Lie

Extra Innings is Fungo's weekly column, where he discusses baseball, TCU athletics, general sports, pop culture, and/or all the above.

Jonathan Daniel

Somebody lied.

Maybe everybody. Maybe Manti. Maybe Notre Dame. Maybe that girl.


I sit here, thinking about what this first column will say, what topic to write about. I wanted to write about TCU Baseball, recruiting, and the value of having one ace recruiter on your staff.

But, I have to write about lying.

Lying to yourself, lying to others, living your lies.

If you are a fan of DFW sports talk radio, you know the name Greggo Williams; A TCU graduate, former co-host of the hit drive-time show "The Hardline," and subject of the phenomenal story "The Hard Lie" about William's fall from grace.

You can read it here, and please do, it is a great story.

The biggest question I have for Manti Te'o is why the story doesn't line up. If he was actually the victim, my questions end. But, I don't know if he can prove that, so the questions remain.

More likely, I imagine that Manti is lying about a poorly planned publicity stunt, or maybe he did this to hide his true feelings for men... I hope not.

But, regardless, someone is lying, and it hurts me to think that it was Manti. The idea that somebody could convince him to go along with this sham for the sake of money, or a Heisman, is incredibly sad.

The idea that he would feel like he needed to create a fake life, and death, of a girlfriend to cover up who he truly was, is incredibly sad.

Greggo Williams fall from fame was primarily due to a lie that he told himself, that he was not an addict, that he did not need help, that the life he had made for himself was right, and good, and OK.

Somebody is lying right now, somebody convinced themselves that this situation was OK. I really hope, for everyone's sake, that this really was a scam. If it was, it is a sad and embarrassing end to a college career, we will all move on. If it is not, this story will not end, and nobody will make it out unscathed.

I want to say I believe you Manti. But, I'm sorry, I don't. Come clean, get it all out, please don't make the hard lie.