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Reviewing the TCU Draft Prospects

Over the next few weeks, Frogs O' War will be breaking down all the TCU players that have entered the 2013 NFL Draft.


Well, January 15th came and went earlier this week, and gone with it is the deadline for declaring for the 2013 NFL Draft. Two Frogs are leaving early, Stansly Maponga and Josh Boyce, but they're not the only Frogs that hope to get drafted into the league.

Along with Maponga and Boyce, five seniors are looking to play football at the next level.

I'll be evaluating each of these players as to how they're talents will translate at the next level, along with projections for where they'll be drafted/by whom, so stay tuned as we go through one-by-one to evaluate the talent that TCU is losing.

Below is the full list of TCU players that are prospects for the NFL Draft and the date's we'll be discussing them:

Kenny Cain (1/21/13)

Matthew Tucker (1/24/13)

Blaize Foltz (1/28/13)

Skye Dawson (1/31/13)

Corey Fuller (2/4/13)

Stansly Maponga (2/7/13)

Josh Boyce (2/11/13)

Check back starting Monday, as we begin our series with stud linebacker, Kenny Cain.