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Fresh Meat: I'm The New Guy In Town...

You will never know who I am. And even if you think you do know me, I'll deny deny deny counter-accuse. Get ready for some real talk...

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I am the mysterious former TCU Baseball player. I am not a specific individual. I am not a former pitcher, catcher, infielder or outfielder. I am all of those.

I’m writing this weekly blog for one reason…

…to be one of the (but not the only) reasonable voices for the TCU Baseball program.

But not the official voice, you know, because I am not authorized to speak on their behalf... I, in all likelihood, won't step foot in the Lupton locker room at any point this year. Moreover, I am a man just like you, except I was there... I was in there... I showered there... And ultimately, I can bring a prospective that most can't.

We’ve all read it on some TCU fansite, we’ve all heard it inside Lupton, that faint whisper of disbelief that Schloss would dare try to send the runner and score from first base after a double in the gap that gets to the fence. When he scores, you think it’s a bold aggressive move, when he’s gunned down at the plate because that center fielder has a howitzer for an arm, and makes the absolute perfect throw to the cut off man who then makes a second perfect throw, it’s Schloss being too aggressive.

That play took 2 perfect throws yet somehow it’s our fault. Coach Schlossnagle’s style is a beautiful blend of dynamite and excitement mixed with the beauty and execution of ballet. Not that I know anything about ballet…don’t judge me…

We all know there’s that one play every weekend where you think you know better than Coach Schloss...WELL YOU DON’T. I’m here to tell you exactly what's going on inside the locker room and the logic behind specific plays during the game. This isn't me reporting, but my own personal insights as to how it was. My own OP-ED if you will.

The one thing I ask from all seven of my readers is to please ask me questions and interact either in the comments section or through my email address at I’m going to try and use your questions and answer all of them either privately or through my weekly blog. So let me have it. If you think I’m the idiot, call me out. I’m a big boy and can handle it.

Sometimes I will call you out for being dumb, don’t hate me, just take what I’m telling you and make your own judgement. That is the beauty of baseball, even in the GM's office at The Ballpark in Arlington there is an argument going down over what players to sign/draft, with three different men representing three different positions, and they could all be right... Nobody has all the answers, but sometimes the things that happen on the field need explaining, that's why I am here.

Only 24 days until baseball season finally starts. The frost will soon begin to melt and before you know it you’ll start bitching out the Texas heat. So hurry up and buy your season tickets because this season is going to be a blast. All of us former players are glad to finally watch the Frogs compete every week in the Big 12. We busted our asses off to get our program here, so get out, be loud, and drink plenty of Shiner Bock. I’m excited to watch, for once, as an outsider looking in... CANT WAIT.