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Rock Bottom: Baylor 82, TCU 56

An absolutely disgusting loss leaves TCU with no answers to the question of "When will TCU win a Big 12 game?"

Search for Baylor, get Gumby.  Makes sense.
Search for Baylor, get Gumby. Makes sense.

Last time TCU dropped a game to Baylor there were plenty of reasons for optimism- It was a close loss, the frogs led for much of the game, it was on the road, the frogs played well, etc. Lots of excuses to not feel so bad about dropping a game to the hated Waco folks. None of those things came into play in this game, as TCU wasn't in the game from the very beginning, things were bad at the half and worse by the end of the game. You name a facet of the game, TCU was outplayed in it- even that celebrated defense that we're counting on to keep us games in the Big 12 is absolutely not pulling its weight. TCU's leaders Kyan Anderson and Garlon Green both put together awful performances, putting up 13 points on 3-14 combined shooting. Charles Hill Jr. went 1 of 9 and Devonta Abron went 0 of 3, contributing to a puny .333 shooting performance for the team, compared to a robust .474 for the bears. Five of the Baylor shooters shot at or above .500, meaning the shooting performance of the bears that mattered was even better- three garbage time players went 0 for 9, dragging the average down significantly. So there's no silver lining to take out of this one. The Frogs were absolutely thrashed, and there's no feeling good about their chances in any of the remaining games. Next year the frog have a chance to be decent, but this year abandon all hope, etc.

If we win our first Big 12 game this season, it will be a minor miracle.