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2013 NFL Draft Player Preview: TCU Offensive Lineman Blaize Foltz

TCU Right Guard Blaize Foltz is headed to the NFL Draft, so let's see what he's got going for him.


The TCU offensive line has seen a lot of turnover the past few seasons, and was highly criticized this season for it's inability to consistently protect Trevone Boykin.

However, one of the stalwarts, and arguably the best guy on the line, Blaize Foltz, was consistent for the majority of the year.

Foltz started every game the past two seasons at right guard, and would have started all of them in 2010 had it not been for a season ending ACL tear five games into the year.

Unfortunately for Foltz, what most folks will remember this year will be one bad play. Late in the game against Oklahoma, Trevone Boykin broke free and scored what everyone thought to be the game-tying touchdown. It was wiped out, however, by a holding call on Foltz, and TCU couldn't find the endzone again, eventually losing the game 24-17.

Foltz currently measures at 6'4", with his arms checking in at 31", which is decent size for a guard in the NFL. There's a little discrepancy about his weight, as and ESPN list him at 310 while lists him at 329. Honestly, regardless of which one is currently correct, Foltz will need to be close to the 330 mark to get up to a good size for a guard in the NFL.

As far as skills go, he's a decent run blocker, but he's very good in pass protection. He's good at recognizing the blitz and picking it up, and is generally good at getting to the right spot at the right time.

ESPN currently grades Foltz a 55, but commends him on his toughness and work ethic. "Country strong" is what they say about him.

I think Foltz will be able to catch on with an NFL team, and should be able to be a starting right guard for someone down the road. That will take a few years though, because teams will need to see improvement in the run block game.

Projected Round: 4th

Possible Teams: Cowboys, Colts, Packers, Eagles

Current NFL Player Comparison: Chris Snee, New York Giants

If we're being completely honest, I think the 4th round is high for Foltz. However, there is a pretty strong need for offensive lineman across the league, and if enough go in the early rounds someone may snatch Foltz up earlier than expected.

I'd like to see him on the Cowboys, because I'm a Cowboys fan and I think they should use all of their picks on offensive linemen in this draft. May as well grab a Frog while they're at it.

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