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Inside Voice: Let The Games Begin…


If Jim Schlossnagle was made of cheese, would you eat him?
If Jim Schlossnagle was made of cheese, would you eat him?

INSIDE VOICE will be a weekly feature on FOW throughout the 2013 TCU Baseball season. An anonymous former baseball player has agreed to put his thoughts together on all things baseball, TCU, and just about anything he thinks about.

What a great day guys. It's sunny outside and great weather (metaphorically speaking of course). Could be because I took my Adderall, but that's neither here nor there.

18 days until the Frogs toe the rubber. I have to admit, until then it's a little slow for me. Right now I just spend my days at my real job like all the rest of you fathletes with my complete attention to my work. In 18 days, that will only be happening on Mondays and Thursdays.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the comments and my inbox. First email...

..."free to join. get laid today. get laid. browse now."


...Uh that's awkward.

Seriously though that the subject of the first AND ONLY EMAIL I RECEIVED ALL WEEK FROM YALL. What the hell. GIVE ME MORE ATTENTION. WRITE TO ME. Tell me I'm beautiful, or ugly, but just let me know.

Now to the comments. While the email inbox was lacking to say the least, the comment section was starting to bloom. Let's jump in to the general mood of the comments.

1) Welcoming

2) Who the hell is this Anonymous Asshat and why does he think he knows more than me

Well first off, thanks for the generous welcoming. Second, thanks for asking the tough questions, because it helps me better define what I'm going to do here every week. I just wish I had checked Frogs O' War this weekend to defend myself earlier. Oh well.

I'm not blogging to defend Schloss #1. Do I agree with everything he does, hell no. Do I have a little bit of knowledge behind his rationalization for certain aspects of the way TCU Baseball plays ball, yes. All I'm trying to do is to help pull back the curtain and explain why he, or any coach for the sake of this argument, did what they did. It's up to you whether or not it's the right decision.

As the big man in charge of the program that means Schloss is running the show. One question that was brought up was, "When is the last time Jim Schlossnagle made the decision to send a runner from first on a ball in the gap? (He doesn't make that decision) In fact, it could be argued he makes very few in-game decisions at all."


Clearly, Schloss isn't the actual one waving the runner around third in my example last week. But, he is the man in charge and the thirdbase coach works for him. Just like your boss or my boss, the boss man either approves of the job you're doing or cuts your ass right there. Schloss approved of the decisions Coach Mazey made as thirdbase coach and accepted the consequences of his actions. If he didn't approve of Mazey's decisions, then you damn well better believe Mazey would'nt have been standing in that box.

If I could apply one philosophy to TCU Baseball and the way Coach Schloss wants to play it would be intelligent aggression. That's just my opinion. Forget about "Team first, Team last", "Next 200 feet", and so on. You've all seen the signs in the dugout. Thats the "official" philosophy if you want that. Schloss wants to apply as much pressure to the opposing team to force mistakes. EVERYTHING can be simplified to this theory. His love for small ball(and mine), aggressive base running, slash hit and runs, pick off attempts, certain plays like the "stink" play (which happens once a year and I CAN'T wait for that week to explain it to yall).

Like I said earlier, I'm not here to sway public opinion one way or the other. I'm not here to defend Schloss. I'm here to explain baseball and specifically TCU Baseball. Yes, my opinion is scattered throughout this piss poor excuse for journalism. DEAL WITH IT.

Shit, I was rambling a little bit there.

Good talk. Hit me below in the comments to bash or question me. OR....