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2103 NFL Draft Player Preview: TCU WR Skye Dawson

TCU wide receiver Skye Dawson had a decent career with the Frogs, but he'll always be remembered for his inability to catch punts.


I know, I know, this one is going to be touch for people to handle.

After all, that muffed punt in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, while just one of many muffed punts in the career of Skye Dawson, is still very fresh in people's minds.

Sure, the game was a little over a month ago, but that matters not.

Every time Dawson went back to field a punt, fans either held their breath or straight up couldn't watch. It's safe to say he won't be returning punts at the next level.

But, Dawson does have something to contribute, if a team is willing to take him on as a project.

He's a decent route runner, with okay hands, and good speed, and has the potential to make a decent slot guy at the next level.

Projected Round: UFA

Possible Teams: Titans, Colts, Texans

Current NFL Player Comparison: Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys

Don't expect Dawson to get drafted, because people will be scared away by his measurables (5'9", 183, 4.52), and his track record for dropping punts/passes. However, he has an opportunity to get picked up as a UFA, and get into a camp and try to impress people.

I compare him to Cole Beasley because they're about the same height/size, but Beasley has the advantage when it comes to running good routes, and his consistency with catching the ball.

Honestly, I want to see Dawson succeed, but he's got an uphill battle in front of him.

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