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Postgame Frustration: Raiders make Frogs go cold, 62-53

Texas Tech came into Fort Worth for the second time in the major Frog sports seasons and again left with the win. Dang. We'd better not lose in Baseball.

The face of the enemy is occasionally cute.
The face of the enemy is occasionally cute.

We knew the frogs were going to struggle offensively this season once our top offensive option went down in the SMU game, but we had hoped that the strong defense that Trent Johnson was installing would be enough to keep the frogs in games and hopefully give them a chance to win. Tonight the Frogs outrebounded Tech, but were simply not able to reliably put up points in any phase of the game apart from the charity stripe. Normally reliable shooter Garlon Green had an atrocious 2-10 showing, while Kyan Andersen contributed six points on 1-12 shooting. Along with Adrick McKinney's 3-10 performance, that meant TCU's three leading shot takers combined for 6-32. That is not going to get it done in any league, much less the Big 12, and Tech certainly didn't have to have a great game to overcome that. To be fair, the Raiders didn't have a great game in the paint, but that focus inside consistently left Tech shooters open for three, resulting in 6-10 shooting from three for the Raiders- all the more fatal when the Frogs were going 1-7. Further reasons for the Frogs loss? TCU just isn't deep this year after the injuries, with just eight players playing compared to eleven for Tech, leading to four frogs playing over thirty minutes- this is a really bad thing when several of those major minute hogs are having bad shooting nights. In the future being able to give our guards a rest if they're off will be a serious boon for the Frogs, but in this season we're going to go where the starting five will take us. Hopefully it will take us to at least a couple of wins in the Big 12 season, but it's hard to see where they're going to come from with our presumed fellow cellar dweller beating us at home by 9. On a positive note though, Sophomore Devonta Abron's return to the starting lineup was excellent, going 7-9 and being the only frog to score in double figures. Welcome back, Devonta, keep that going and let's surprise Oklahoma State on Wednesday. Go Frogs.