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Postgame Reaction- Oklahoma State: Good at Basketball, TCU: Less so.

The Cowboys put up a double digit lead early and TCU never threatened after that. At least no one was seriously hurt.

Superfrog is sad.
Superfrog is sad.

We'll split this one into positives and negatives, but I'll try not to harp too much on the negatives- we had a reasonable expectation of what was going to happen in this one, and I don't think it's right to rip on the guys for not coming closer to beating a much better team.


Garlon Green, come on down, you are the frogs best scorer. Green started the game hitting an unreal 8 of 10 from the floor, only to end the game on 8 of 15 as he forced shots to try and spark a frog rally. Still, he ended the game as the leading scorer overall with 20 points. Go Green!

Kyan Andersen's injury was not serious. Things would have been very grim for the Frogs the rest of the season if Andersen's first half issue had been a serious one, but happily Andersen bounced back in the second half. He wasn't as effective as normal, but at the moment I'm just happy he's okay.

The Frogs active hands helped force Oklahoma State into 24 turnovers. If they keep that level of effort up we'll have a chance to be in more games this season.


Shooters who aren't Garlon Green: Bad. Remove Green's 8-15 shooting and the frogs went 9 for 32. That... will not win games. The Frogs couldn't even score from the line, as 55% shooting from the charity stripe is not going to be enough to win games on an otherwise inept offensive night.

Shooting defense: Bad. The Frogs committed 9 fouls in the first half and let Oklahoma State shoot above 50%. Neither are acceptable numbers if the Frogs can't put the ball in the hoop themselves.

Rebounding: Bad. Thirty missed shots and the Frogs collected two offensive rebounds. Ugh. Being outrebounded is one thing- it's really hard to outrebound the opponent when they're making over half of their shots and you're making a bit over a third- but being outrebounded on a two to one level is unacceptable. I'd like to see the Frogs try to crash the offensive boards more- when the shots aren't falling we have to do something to try to create extra possessions.