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Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 7

Saturday is a day away, and the Big 12 has four interesting offerings for us. Who does the FoW staff think will win in the Big 12 this week?

The future shines for some
The future shines for some
Me, for finding this image.

It's gutcheck time as the Big 12 season starts to get interesting. Baylor plays an opponent with some semblance of an offense (though maybe not so much of a defense, uh oh), TCU looks to show that its losses are just to really good teams, Tech looks to climb in the polls and Mack Brown just looks to stay employed through 2014. The FoW trio have once again come forward with predictions for each of the Big 12 games this week, brave souls all of them.

Iowa State Cyclones @ Texas Tech Red Raiders

HawkeyedFrog: Texas Tech 52, Iowa State 29
Iowa State is feisty early, matching Tech score for score the first two times Tech marches down the field... then an interception happens and the buttkicking portion of the game begins.

Patrick: Texas Tech 30, Iowa State 10
Texas Tech will be running with a new-ish quarterback against the hapless Cyclones, which may mean nothing since the game is in Lubbock. Iowa State isn't great, Tech is good, Tech wins.

Jamie: Texas Tech 38, Iowa State 27
If this game was in Ames I may just have the onions to call it for the Cyclones. However, the game is in Lubbock, and I think Mr. Cool will have his team ready to play after the slow start against Kansas last week.

Baylor Bears @ Kansas State Wildcats

HawkeyedFrog: Baylor 67, Kansas State 48
This week there are fewer bear dissidents in the weekend results/power ranking posts, as it turns out that Baylor's defense isn't suddenly TCU's and Kansas State is able to score often on several big plays. It won't be nearly enough to win, but it'll be enough to be within two score in the fourth quarter before turnovers salt it away.

Patrick: Baylor 48, Kansas State 24
Bill Snyder will craft a magical plan to stop the Baylor attack in raucous Manhattan, Kansas that will work... well enough to hold Baylor under 50 and keep the margin of victory at four scores.

Jamie: Baylor 56, Kansas State 28
Baylor's offense isn't slowing down, and it wouldn't shock me if they scored 70 again. The only reason they don't is because Kansas State manages to shorten the game with some sustained drives. Don't forget, Baylor ruined KSU's perfect season last year, and the Cats will be looking for some revenge at home.

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns @ Dallas

HawkeyedFrog: Oklahoma 63, Texas 14
Remember that disastrous outing from OU's championship season, where they trounced a top ten Texas team? This OU team isn't that good, but this Texas team is worse, resulting in the same score.

Patrick: Oklahoma 50, Texas 0
I am putting all the money on this game this week (literally), so OU better win.

Jamie: Oklahoma 42, Texas 17
Different year, same result.

Kansas Jayhawks @ TCU Horned Frogs

HawkeyedFrog: TCU 31, Kansas 3
Kansas' offensive weaknesses- turnovers and low completion percentage- play right into the Frogs hands, meaning that it wouldn't surprise me if the Frogs recorded their first Big 12 shutout. Even Jarrett Anderson has to see you can run the ball against Kansas, right? . . . Right? No. All of TCU's points come in the second half, it's 0-0 at the half.

Patrick: TCU 35, Kansas 10
Similar to TCU's other wins this year, the final score will look solid but in reality the offense will struggle yet again.

Jamie: TCU 35, Kansas 13
Gary will have the defense prepared, as usual, and by now the line is used to playing without Fields. Terell Lathan has stepped up, and he records two more sacks for the Frogs. The offense? Second half adjustments strike again. Frogs go into the half down 13-7. Maybe this will inspire some changes.