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Frogs O' War Postgame Analysis: TCU 27, KU 17

The Frogs O' War staff checks in with their opinions on TCU's long awaited first home Big 12 win.

Not pictured: The awesomeness that follows
Not pictured: The awesomeness that follows
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This may be the least enjoyable win I've ever experienced.  For all of the good things that the TCU offense did today there were so many turnovers- some fluky, some just dreadful- that it sucked all of the joy out of this game and replaced it with a feeling of exasperation.  "We couldn't have done that again." being the common theme.  From both Catalon and James fumbling, to a tipped pass interception, a missed communication interception and sending Brandon Carter out on the field to field a punt just when the momentum had turned, shock set it early and made the game take on somewhat of a surreal quality.

All glory to the TCU defense which got consistent pressure, drew penalties, covered exceedingly well and didn't let the Jayhawks capitalize on their numerous short field opportunities.  The playcalling was perhaps slightly improved, but still had a large number of moments that left you shaking your head wondering what in the world was going through Anderson's mind.  Also, excepting Patterson himself, whoever decided to send Brandon Carter out to field the first punt of the second half after Cameron Echols-Luper had done a great job with it in the first half should be fired.

I really don't have a lot to say about this one except I'm glad it's over, I'm glad TCU got the win and I'm glad I took the under- beyond that it was a joyless day that could have been so much better.  Chalk it up as another step toward Bowl eligibility and let's move on to Oklahoma State.

Fungo Frog

Not a good day in Fungo's household. Lost $300 on the Texas/OU game (was my safe bet this week... yea right), TCU once again turned in a lackluster effort, and after the game we heard that TCU hasn't been practicing with much energy either... Bad news all around.

I am happy though that I can find little in this game to blame on Trevone Boykin. The INT in the second half was bad, but the first one was not his fault. There were fumbles and drops galore, and the playcalling didn't help one bit.

If there was a HERO of the game, it was the defense again. They weren't perfect, and look a bit banged up, but the defensive line continues to do good things and they continue to make plays as a group. The emergence of Paul Dawson is also a great thing.

The offensive line and offensive coordinators were my DOGS of the game, another bad performance from both. The OCs get bailed out a bit today due to some turnovers and a big play from Porter, but the offensive line won't... Today we started with our revamped line (Dunbar and Naff on the left), but we had to scrap that due to some horrible play from both and we saw Big V come into the game in the second half at left tackle... Frankly, the big man did a pretty good job.

I should feel good about this game. We are now halfway through the season and the Frogs are 3-3. In all reality, the best and most realistic record we could have expected was 4-2, so we are not that far off. This team has a chance to be 9-3 and get a 10th win with a bowl game, all of that is still in play.

What is that you say? We aren't good enough and can't do it?

Well, did anybody last week think Texas had a shot at 8 wins this year, let alone 9 or 10? Now what do you think, having watched the Longhorns dominate the Sooners and walk away with all my money.

TCU needs to play a lot better but I do think we are slowly, but surely getting there. Next week in Stillwater will be a huge game to find out if we are ready to make a run, or simply wallow in our own sadness... Can't wait!

Check this post throughout the day, as the rest of the FoW crew will drop by to edit in their takes and analysis as well.  Go Frogs!