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Fire Jarrett Anderson: OSU 24, TCU 10

Another great defensive performance by the Frogs is wasted by the offense's mind boggling ineptitude.

I hate everything
I hate everything
Brett Deering

How many turnovers do you think a competent team needs to win a football game?  Two?  Three?  The Frogs got three... in the first half.  What did the Frogs accomplish with those opportunities?  Nothing.  Two first downs in the first half, zero points.  How much can a defense do to win you a game?  TCU is finding out repeatedly this season, as the offense continues to stoop to new lows in finding ways to lose.  The offense has just been so incredibly poor that it's amazing- from bad playcalls, bad reads, bad personnel and bad preparation, there is nothing about the offense that is working well.  TCU has two offensive coordinators, and they should both be fired- not at the end of the season, but today.  Boykin is not a good quarterback, but last year showed that he is a quarterback you can build a plan to win with.  If the plan isn't working, that's on Anderson.  If Boykin has regressed from last year, that's on Anderson.  If the offense runs out the clock on itself when you're down two scores, that's on Anderson.  I can't imagine TCU winning another game this season with Jarrett Anderson calling plays, and I don't think I'm alone in that assessment.  It's not pretty, it's not how TCU typically does things- but it's what needs to be done right now.  Fire Jarrett Anderson and find someone who can do any of the things that an offense is supposed to do well.  I never wanted to be the kind of blogger who was calling for people's jobs in the headlines of posts, but I never wanted to see an offense like TCU has run out on the field this season either.  Fire Jarrett Anderson today and sort out where to go from there.