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Weekend Warzone: Big 12 Roundup week 8

There were moments where several of the top teams looked to be in trouble, but the contenders survived another week. We look at all the action as always as we try and make sense of this senseless season

Few thins pain a TCU fan more than looking at a scoreboard.
Few thins pain a TCU fan more than looking at a scoreboard.

Since I imagine most of you will be a bit down as you read this post, there'll be a quick one sentence summation of the game before the full analysis if you'd like to save some time.

Oklahoma Sooners 34, Kansas Jayhawks 19
The game in a sentence: Oklahoma remembers it's not a bad team just in time to beat Kansas.

The Sooners fell behind early, doubtlessly still feeling the effects of the beating they suffered in the Red River Shootout, trapped in a malaise that led to some almost TCU-esque offensive playcalling.  Three runs then out, three passes then out, four runs then a fumble.  All the while the Kansas offense was moving downfield with success, scoring a touchdown on their first drive, getting into OU territory on the second and scoring a touchdown off of the OU fumble (though the Jayhawks missed the extra point).  Finally the Sooners started to mix things up a bit and their offense started to get going and scored a touchdown (before missing an extra point of their own).  On the following Jayhawk possession Oklahoma blocked a punt for a safety and scored again on the following possession and the Sooners created a bit of breathing room at the half.  The Sooners outgained the Jayhawks by a two to one ratio, but committed two turnovers that helped Kasnas stay in the game.  If not for special teams miscues by the Jayhawks (One missed extra point, one blocked extra point returned for a safety, one safety on a punt) Kansas would have been in good position to steal this game.  Sadly for Kansas (and some other Big 12 teams we know) the points that come from special teams miscues count just as much as the points that come from offensive execution and it's another disappointing result for Kansas after seizing an early lead.
Next week: Oklahoma- Texas Tech, Kansas: Baylor

Baylor Bears 71, Iowa State Cyclones 7
The game in a sentence: Baylor got mad that they were exposed as mortal last week and took it out on Iowa State.

You know, this one doesn't really need too much more than the sentence explanation.  Baylor felt disrespected after they almost wet the bed against Kansas State, which raised questions about the Bears schedule and their road chops.  This week Baylor played a much worse team at home and blew them out of the water... which is what they do.  As for Iowa State, they shuffled quarterbacks to little effect and never got going, going three and out on their first possession and fumbling it away on their second possession, letting Baylor score three touchdowns before they could get a first down.  That's never going to work against Baylor (something TCU should be addressing with a coordinator change in advance of the Baylor game).
Next week: Baylor- @ Kansas, Iowa State- Oklahoma State

Texas Tech Red Raiders 37, West Virginia Mountaineers 27
The game in a sentence: Playing in Morgantown is difficult, but Texas Tech is both resilient and better than West Virginia.

This was a back and forth contest, with Tech scoring the first 13 points only to see West Virginia rally with 13 of their own in the second quarter and a touchdown to start the third to make it 20 in a row.  After a bit of back and forth, Tech rallied to score the last 21 points of the game off of a great effort by quarterback Davis Webb- who completed an unreal 72% of his passes for 462 yards- at over 9 yards per attempt.  This was made possible by a fantastic performance by the Tech d-line, which didn't allow a single sack all game and paved the way for a decent day on the ground for Tech- over 100 yards and enough balance to keep a solid West Virginia defense from selling out entirely against the pass.  West Virginia's defense played with a lot of heart, but they didn't have the horses to keep up with Tech all day, and they didn't have anyone who could stop rampaging manbeast Jace Amaro from scoring two touchdowns and catching nine balls.  On offense West Virginia had trouble moving the ball on the ground overall (excepting a 38 yard run by Dreamius Smith) and were much less consistent than Tech through the air, completing just 63% of passes for 5.9 yards per attempt.  As loath as we may be to admit it, Tech has a very good team this year, and playing against a Mountaineer team hungry for revenge and determined not to be humiliated for the second game in a row the Raiders came out with a comfortable win.
Next week: West Virginia- @ Kansas State, Texas Tech- @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma State 24, TCU 10
The game in a sentence:
TCU has the most underachieving and frustrating offense in all of FBS, while Oklahoma State's is pretty decent.

I don't want to talk about it.
Next week: Oklahoma State- @ Iowa State, TCU- Texas Longhorns