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Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 9

A big week of picks as for the first time all season, all Big 12 members are active in the same week.

Future, baby.
Future, baby.

It's a busy week here in the predictions, as for the first of only three weeks in this season, every Big 12 team is active in the same week. That's a lot of possibility for variation, so let's see what the FoW staff is thinking this week.

Oklahoma St. Cowboys @ Iowa State Cyclones

HawkeyedFrog: Oklahoma State 37, Iowa State 17
Iowa State continues to get ground down with one tough game after another, leaving them unable to replicate the magic from two years ago. Cowboys roll.

FungoFrog: Oklahoma State 33, Iowa State 17
Paul Rhodes nightmare season continues, Oklahoma State starts to get back on track as the Big 12's top team, Iowa State makes TCU look worse for having only put up... what... 10 points? I don't remember/care.

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 31, Iowa State 10
Poor Cyclones. So close in a few games, but they just can't get over the hump. This game simply reassures them that they are probably only going to beat Kansas in conference play.

Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Oklahoma Sooners

HawkeyedFrog: Oklahoma 38, Texas Tech 32
The Sooners go run heavy on the smallish Tech defense and it pays dividends that put the Sooners back in control of their Big 12 destiny, while making horned Frogs wail and gnash their teeth about what could have been.

FungoFrog: Texas Tech 17, Oklahoma 24
Oklahoma is going to get back to basics in this one, running the ball and using the Belldozer in the most efficient manner possible. Tech will lose at Oklahoma yet again.

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 42, Oklahoma 27
This game gets out of control quickly, with Oklahoma scoring a few times late to make it look better than it really was. Texas Tech (kill me) is for real.

West Virginia Mountaineers @ Kansas State Wildcats

HawkeyedFrog: Kansas State 40, West Virginia 24
The Mountaineers are a scary team in Morgantown. Sadly for them, this game is in Manhattan- where Kansas State is the scary team. The Wildcats look good throughout.

FungoFrog: West Virginia 20, Kansas State 10
WVU wins in Manhattan, maybe.

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 28, West Virginia 24
The closest game of any conference matchup this week, Kansas State holds on against a decent Mountaineers squad.

Baylor Bears @ Kansas Jayhawks

HawkeyedFrog: Baylor 50, Kansas 41
Kansas leads until late once again, but can't hold on as the Bears escape being Kansas' first victim since... past Baylor. The Bears rally from being down three scores at one point for another road escape.

FungoFrog: Baylor 62, Kansas 10
Baylor big over the Jayhawks...

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 56, Kansas 21
Baylor and Kansas used to be a bottom dweller matchup, now it's basically a bye for the Bears.

Texas Longhorns @ TCU Horned Frogs

HawkeyedFrog: TCU 17, Texas 13
All right, I admit it. I'm a lousy pessimist and the siren call of games to come has lifted my hopes again.. Maybe it's because I did a Frogs O' War Theater post instead of a Video Rewind, but I like the matchup as Texas will try to run at TCU while the Frogs are pretty darn good at stopping that and forcing the opposition into third and long- not Case McCoy's strong point. TCU wins to get back to .500

FungoFrog: Texas 17, TCU 20
TCU defense does it's job, the offense scores two first half touchdowns on its way to a win.

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 24, Texas 21
Please? God?