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Postgame Analysis: Texas 30, TCU 7

The FoW crew (though probably just HawkeyedFrog at this point) break down the game with instant analysis.

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Let's go through the checklist of disheartening signs from TCU games this year
1. Fail to run the ball early: Check
2. Muff a punt: Check
3, Brandon Carter Alligator Arms/Drops a pass: Double Check
4. The running backs look good: Check
5. Less than 20 rushes by RBs: Check
6. The defense starts strong: Check
7. The defense gets worn out: Check
8. The defense gets put into bad position by turnovers: Check
9. A mini rally promotes the idea that not all hope is lost: Check
10: The opposition scores to quench to momentum: Check

A ten point list that every game has followed this year, so I'll spend my time talking about Casey Pachall instead.  Casey looked a little rusty, but was definitely an improvement over Boykin to the point where I think we can win the next two at least and look for bowl eligibility.  Pachall was done no favors by the receivers, who time and again got their hands on balls only for them to pass through- a week of practice to get used to Casey's rocket will be needed after the weeks of Boykin's peashooter should see that righted.  Sadly the switch of playcaller did not have the desired result of actually seeing the run game/the players we want to see actually step on the field, so I'm standing with my desire to see both co-OCs on the street together.  Jason Verrett, I'm sorry you gave up a year of the NFL for this.

I don't know if the other guys are going to be around to edit in their thoughts, but check in anyway, there may be a surprise.