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Monday Morning Quarterback: October 28th, 2013

The MMQB is back, but who cares... This team has effectively quit on itself and it is probably quite pointless to continue this charade... We have very little chance of getting to six wins this year, the season is all but lost.

Hawkeyed Frog

The Crowd was excellent at the start of the game, and damn if it wasn't great to see Casey back in action. There were a few instances where he showed his rust, but by and large he was a very efficient distributor of the football and did it quickly enough that the offensive line issues were significantly minimized. I'm sorry your senior year shot at redemption won't end with you being the first team all-Big 12 quarterback, but if you can keep up that level of play and help the Frogs get back to a bowl that will be more than enough. Also, kudos to Cameron Echols-Luper for his incredible passer rating of 749.2.

Holy crap were the receivers bad. LaDarius Brown had some issues, but largely made up for his lapses with big plays and some tough receptions. The rest of the receiving crew... I know you've had Boykin throwing softballs the past few weeks, but when Casey is delivering some beautiful passes you'd better damn well catch them. Brandon Carter gets a special mark of shame again for alligator arming at attempt over the middle that would have been a key first down- You're not going to get out of the dog house if you hang your quarterback out to dry, Carter. Also the offensive line was bad, but you knew that by now.

Texas gave up 259 yards to a running quarterback who could barely throw when they played BYU, as part of 550 total rushing yards. TCU has one of those who is even faster than Taysom Hill who they have insisted on taking the lion's share of the carries to the detriments of the running backs. Today, when it would have finally been sensible to see what Boykin could do on the ground before Pachall came in... Boykin did not have a single rushing attempt. Not one. If you weren't going to start Casey Pachall, why send Boykin out there to throw when you've seen what he's accomplished through the air all year? I have no answers, and I have no even remotely plausible explanation for this continued ineptitude in playcalling and game planning. I can't think of a single member of the offensive staff who should certainly be safe after this season, but both men who have attempted to call plays this year need to be dismissed, and the sooner they are the better off we'll be.


No... Just no.

Seriously, I quit.

What would happen if we just all stopped going to games this year? Since the team has seemingly quit (Waymon James and BJ Catalon not showing to practice this week) and doesn't seem to care (body language), why should we show?

Remember when Gary Patterson said "Everyone must do their part..."? Well, if the offensive line won't block and the receivers won't catch and the coaches won't coach, why should the fans have to show up?

Tell you what Gary Patterson, you want to get the blame? Here you go.

YOU FAILED to build a coaching staff that coached first, recruited second (we apparently can't do either.

YOU FAILED to instill a culture of accountability, so that kids knew their responsibilities and why they mattered.

YOU FAILED to build a roster that could compete at this level every week.

And YOU, Gary Patterson, need to fix this thing. If you don't?

No job is safe, we must get better from the top down and if you aren't willing to make the changes necessary, I am certain Chris Del Conte will.