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Keys to the Game: TCU @ Oklahoma

Leaving Norman with a win is going to be a difficult task for TCU, but it's possible if they take care of a few things.

The game against Oklahoma tomorrow is going to be a tough task, without a doubt. However, with some questions still surrounding the Sooners squad, and with the Frogs beginning to figure things out, this game could be closer than a lot of people think. Here are three keys to coming away from Norman with a victory.

1. Contain Blake Bell/Trevor Knight

The Sooner quarterbacks have incredible mobility, and regardless of who is in the game, it will be incredibly important for TCU to make sure they hold contain and keep Bell and Knight from scrambling. One way to do this is to flare out the defensive ends. If the Frogs can contain Bell and Knight, forcing them to throw the ball, it will play into the strength of TCU's defense, the secondary.

2. Slow Down the Running Game

This may sound somewhat redundant to point number one, but on top of two mobile quarterbacks, the Sooners also have a very good duo of running backs to watch out for. Brennan Clay and Damien Williams have combined for over 500 yards rushing on the season, and as a team Oklahoma averages over 250 yards on the ground per game.

3. Win the Turnover Battle

TCU has done a good job winning the turnover battle this year, and that will be necessary again in this game. Force some interceptions and protect the ball, and the Frogs have a legitimate shot at winning this game.