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No Time Left For You: Oklahoma 20, TCU 17

A frustrating end to another great defensive performance for the Frogs, as OU is able to get the first downs they need to run the clock out late

A few big running plays were all OU needed.
A few big running plays were all OU needed.
Wesley Hitt

The Guess Who - No Time (via GimmeBackMyBullets75)

Just when everything was going TCU's way, the big play that they absolutely could not give up was given up, and suddenly the time on the clock was TCU's greatest enemy.  Despite answering the Sooners with their own touchdown drive the Frogs wasted too much time and ended up needing to protect too much clock from the immense Blake Bell running the ball.  In the end, it's another loss and the end of Big 12 title aspirations for the Frogs, but there are some areas to feel good about after the game.  We'll get them next time... probably.

Go Frogs.