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Reminder: Create A Fanpost and/or Fanshot!

One of the best features of Frogs O' War is that YOU, the reader, can contribute! Create a FanPost to expand on your thoughts, or create a FanShot to share a link or maybe a poem (seriously). If it is good, we will share it on the big screen!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, I know you guys have lots of good thoughts... Good thoughts about TCU, the Rangers, College Football, the Cowboys, politics, etc.

Sometimes you share these thoughts in the comments, and we all love reading it.

But what you should really be doing is creating a Fanpost. You can give it a title, a sub title, and publish just like Jamie/Hawk/I do.

Why? Because you guys shouldn't be limited to just comments, you need more landscape to express your thoughts. Use it, we love to read it.

Click on "Create a Fanpost/Fanshot" to get started.