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Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 10

Not a week with a ton of potential, but two games between evenly matched teams mean that the picks should be interesting this time out.

Future hazy, please try again.
Future hazy, please try again.

Once again the FoW staff has come forward to make their predictions in front of the world, brave souls that they are. This time out we're joined by the first commenter (or commoner, as Fungo calls you) to actually respond to the invitation to be the guest picker and actually follow through- our own FroggieStyle! Style got his picks in on Monday, a timely fashion that may indicate supreme confidence. Will he show us all up? I kind of hope not, but let's see the picks.

Iowa State Cyclones @ Kansas State Wildcats

HawkeyedFrog: Kansas State 47, Iowa State 16
Though their seasons had a similar beginning, disheartening home losses to FCS schools, the Farmaggedon (best rivalry name ever) showcases two teams that have gone in different directions since week 1. Kansas State has become a dangerous team, while Iowa State has been in the meat grinder of the Big 12 for so long it's liable to be served as mystery meat in a public school cafeteria. K-State rolls.

Patrick: Iowa State 17, Kansas State 35
Every time I watch Kansas State, I feel like I am watching a team that is about to take off... They ahve a lot of young pieces, but they appear to be truly getting better with each passing week... I think they follow suit (from every other team) and beat Iowa State.

Jamie: Kansas State 31, Iowa State 28
This is a game that could get out of hand for Iowa State, but I still stand by my claim that ISU is better than their record. I think they keep it close but the Wildcats get a field goal late to win it.

FroggieStyle: Kansas State 35 - Iowa State 10
Kansas State is starting to find its groove while the Cyclones are just not very good. KSU cruises to a win and Iowa St. is officially eliminated from bowl eligibility.

Kansas Jayhawks @ Texas Longhorns

HawkeyedFrog: Texas 51, Kansas 13
The Jayhawks show us up by scoring two touchdowns against the Longhorns before getting swept aside- they fail a two point conversion which is intercepted and returned by the Longhorns for the spark that starts the rout.

Patrick: Kansas 10, Texas 41
I see Texas continuing to roll here, and an entire second half of Swoopes, and continued Kansas futility. But nobody will see it, because it will be on LHN.

Jamie: Texas 38, Kansas 7
UT is.....sigh.....back...FML.

FroggieStyle: Texas 38 - Kansas 14
Kansas jumps out to an early lead and has success with the run throughout the game, but mistakes prevent them from having a chance to steal the game. Gray and Brown combine for 40+ carries and McCoy plays an effective game manager.

Oklahoma St. Cowboys @ Texas Tech Red Raiders

HawkeyedFrog: Tech 38, Oklahoma State 27
Similar teams, but the Tech offense is significantly more consistent than the Cowboys'- and the game is in Lubbock where logic holds no sway.

Patrick: Oklahoma State 24, Texas Tech 21
Hard to know who will win this one... For me, this is one of the more intriguing matchups of the year thus far. I will take Okie-State late in Lubbock, but I don't feel good about it.

Jamie: Texas Tech 42, Oklahoma State 24
Texas Tech is good, Oklahoma State is decent. Good typically beats decent. #logic

FroggieStyle: Texas Tech 28 - Oklahoma State 24
The Cowboy defense plays well enough to give their team a chance to win the game, but lack of a passing threat lets Tech's defense hone in on the run and survive.

West Virginia Mountaineers @ TCU Horned Frogs

HawkeyedFrog: TCU 13, WVU 12
I have no idea on this one. None. Both teams look incompetent in very similar ways, so I gave the frogs an extra point because West Virginia plays much worse on the road than they do at home. Casey Pachall could throw for 500 yards this weekend and it wouldn't surprise me, but neither would Trevone Boykin mystifyingly getting 80% of the snaps. The only thing that would surprise me at this rate is TCU actually running the ball.

Patrick: West Virginia 17, TCU 10
Why in the wide world of sports would I pick TCU? They have shown no reason to believe they have any ability to win this game, or any game for that matter. Please God TCU: PROVE ME WRONG!

Jamie: West Virginia 13, TCU 7
I refuse to pick the Frogs again until they prove to me they can score points

FroggieStyle: TCU 23 - West Virginia 17
I don't know why I'm picking us to win, but this is one of two remaining games I think we could win. Frogs continue to struggle on offense and underutilize the running backs, but Pachall is able to make enough plays to grab the W. Frog defense continues to play outstanding against a struggling WVU offense, setting up some short fields and field goal opportunities.

Hawkeyed: Thanks for joining us this time, FroggieStyle, and make sure to make your own picks in the comments guys- do well and next week you could be the guest picker!