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FungoFrog Stepping Down as Editor-N-Chief at Frogs O' War; Associate Editor Jamie Plunkett To Take Over Lead Duties

After a year in the saddle, FungoFrog is stepping down from lead editor duties at FOW. Jamie Plunkett promoted to lead editor.

Ronald Martinez

I joined FOW in March of 2012, coming over from where I was running the baseball blog. At the time, FOW was pulling in less than 2000 visits per MONTH. By May of 2012, that number was more than 21,000.

This time last year, I took over lead blogging duties from our founder, Purple Wimple. The last year has been a ton of fun for me. The crew here (Jamie, Hawk, Trey, Wimple, FStyle) and all of you, our FOW family has made all the long hours and late nights well worth it.

During the 2012 calendar year, FOW did more than 260,000 visits. Not amazing, but great for us.

This year, we have already surpassed that number, and we are on our way to grow by about 25% across the board.

My #1 goal with this website was always to cultivate an alternative to the norm. You have your recruiting sites, you have your forums, but nothing in the way of top notch news, commentary, and nothing with a fan supported user platform... Nothing like what SBNation has to offer.

Over the last year, you have certainly proven that this model works. Your daily allegiance to this site makes all the difference. With a user base of about 1000 crazy Frog and college sports fans, I think it is fair to say that FOW is a force to be reckoned with.

With that in mind, I announce today that I am stepping aside to continue my pursuit of a career in advertising/marketing and to, admittedly, spend a little more time with my wife, friends and family.

I love Frogs O' War, and I will do whatever I can to help it succeed. You will still see me here, writing about baseball and TCU finances, but I won't be nearly as involved as I was before. Jamie is now your fearless leader, I am sure you will give him 100% dedication as you did for me.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has made this a great home for TCU fans. I know I am leaving it in good hands.

See you in the spring for baseball season!