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Frogs O' War Weekend Picks

Jamie and new blogger Marshall Weber make their picks for this weekend's Big 12 games. Hawkeyed should be along to add his picks in soon.

Kansas vs. West Virginia

Marshall Weber

West Virginia 31, Kansas 14

The Mountaineers take get their post-OT loss frustrations from last week and cruise against the Jayhawks.

Jamie Plunkett

West Virginia 23, Kansas 17

West Virginia is a good team, but they tend to play to their level of competition. Kansas will give them a run for their money.


West Virginia 40, Kansas 23

Give me the team that has something to play for over the team that is settling in to the "time to quit" part of the season.

No. 17 Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

Marshall Weber

No. 17 Oklahoma 27, Iowa State 10

Bob Stoops gets yet another home win in this week’s Big 12 snoozer.

Jamie Plunkett

No. 17 Oklahoma 35, Iowa State 16

Oklahoma is bad on offense, but still good enough to run it down ISU's throat.


Oklahoma 13, Iowa State 6

Low scoring and incredibly frustrating for OU fans, but the Sooners come out of it with a win, which is really all Stoops cares about at this point.

No. 24 Texas vs. No. 10 Oklahoma State

Marshall Weber

No. 10 Oklahoma State 45, No. 24 Texas 38

The Greg Robinson defense has turned Texas’ season around a full 180 and has given the Horns a chance to sneak a Big 12 title and Fiesta Bowl bid. But have the Horns really been tested on defense?

Call it luck, call it whatever you want…but the bottom line is that Texas, while much improved since September, is still a messy team that some how pulls it together right at the end thanks to their great running backs.

Their luck runs out this week.

Jamie Plunkett

No. 24 Texas 35, No. 10 Oklahoma State 27

Texas controls the run game, despite losing Jonathan Gray to an Achilles injury for the rest of the year. Oklahoma State sees any chance of a Big 12 title fall out of the sky into the dumpster.


Oklahoma State 34, Texas 21

Oklahoma State has found its rhythm and stakes a claim to be Baylor's biggest challenge by imposing its will on the Longhorn defense.  Without Jonathan Gray to create a lot of third and short/third and medium plays the Longhorns will rely more on Case McCoy to try and win the game- to their detriment.

No. 4 Baylor vs. Texas Tech (at Cowboys Stadium)

Marshall Weber

No. 4 Baylor 52, Texas Tech 24

As we saw last week, Tech doesn’t respond well to defeat as they lost their third straight against Kansas State in Lubbock. Even with Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin questionable for Saturday, the Bears’ offense should still be as smooth as Valaryrian steel slicing through some King’s Landing butter.

Bryce Petty, his plethora of receiving options, and tailback Shock Linwood dominate the atrocious Tech defense for a win at The Death Star Sponsored By AT&T.

Jamie Plunkett

No. 4 Baylor 63, Texas Tech 20

Baylor faced a very good defense against Oklahoma and made them look terrible. Texas Tech's secondary is very weak, and should get totally picked apart by Bryce Petty and crew.


Baylor 43, Texas Tech 42 (OT)

Let down alert!  With the emotional high of the Oklahoma win behind them and a road game with Oklahoma State looming the Bears totally look past the flailing Red Raiders.  Big mistake, as Tech takes a three score lead into halftime.  Baylor eventually rallies when the offense starts clicking and wins in OT, but the struggle moves Stanford ahead of them in the polls (and Oklahoma State ahead in the Power Rankings)

Kansas State vs. TCU

Marshall Weber

TCU 20 at Kansas State 24

The Wildcats have been utterly dominant since their loss to Baylor four weeks ago and have outscored their opponents 135-45. The Frogs find some spirit, but they find it too late and miss their first bowl since 2004. I then bury myself and hibernate till spring.

Jamie Plunkett

Kansas State 28, TCU 10

I don't see things going very well for the Frogs in this game. Kansas State has a ton of momentum and TCU's offense barely moved the ball against Iowa State. TCU's defense does what it always does, and keeps the Frogs in the game, but too much time on the field finally wears them down.


Kansas State 38, TCU 13

I'm predicting ugliness.  TCU cannot pass block, but insists on throwing the ball as often as possible- against the sack machine that K-State rolls out at end, that means sacks, pressure and fumbles.  The defense plays okay, but gets worn down by the constant pounding of the Wildcat running game and gives up 17 points in the fourth quarter to turn a tight game into a laugher.