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TCU Horned Frogs @ KSU Wildcats Game Thread

TCU's hopes of salvaging a bowl bid in this disastrous season are put to the test on the road in Manhattan, Kansas.

Elisha Olabode's rarely seen Beast Mode
Elisha Olabode's rarely seen Beast Mode
Ronald Martinez

Football season is very short, but it seems like this one has dragged on forever. Despite a litany of disasters, the Frogs still have a chance of bowl eligibility and saving some pride ahead of them. Also ahead of them are two of the toughest teams on the schedule though, including today's road test with the Kansas State Wildcats. Can the Frogs find a way to do enough on offense to take the pressure off of the defense? We'll find out a great deal about this TCU team today, so join us for live chat and analysis as you watch the fight for TCU's season.

Let's beat the hell out of 'em.

Go Frogs!