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Too Much #2: KSU 33, TCU 31

TCU finds a new way to get penalized and a new way to lose in what will be Gary Patterson's second bowl-less season

No pictures from this one, so have an Angry Patterson
No pictures from this one, so have an Angry Patterson

The dream is over for TCU as the Frogs' second Big 12 season will end against Baylor one way or another.  There are no shortage of blame to go around in this one, as TCU's offense sputtered and couldn't protect Pachall, while the defense couldn't get pressure, couldn't maintain contain on the ground.  Even the special teams aren't blameless, as a TCU possession was cleared and given over back to the wildcats after an equipment infraction where Trevone Boykin was back to return the punt (Why?) and Jason Verrett was also on the field for the punt coverage.  That's two #2s on the field at the same time, which was penalized to set up K-State to take the lead, and is a perfect metaphor for TCU's season.  Even when the Frogs play well in some phases of the game, there's just too much #2 on the field to get a win.