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Postgame Analysis: KSU 33, TCU 31

The FoW crew sounds off on the loss that will ensure TCU spends the holidays at home- and not at the Fort Worth Bowl.

There are no photos from this game
There are no photos from this game
Klat Magazine


Admission- Due to a power outage I didn't see a lot of this game.  When the power went out it was 14-0 KSU and when it came on just as Kansas State completed a 73 yard touchdown pass to retake the lead.  What I saw in the times that I could see were defensive issues aplenty, and an offense that still can't stop shooting themselves in the foot.  I feel bad for Casey Pachall who rushed back from a broken arm to play for this team only to end up being battered almost every time he drops back to pass.  I feel bad for B.J. Catalon, who again can't get the 15-20 carries a game he deserves, despite a healthy 5.9 ypc average.  I feel bad for Waymon James, who has been forgotten to the point where the announcers say that B.J. Catalon is the most experienced running back on the team.  This is a painful loss that will hurt for a long time, but it may be just the impetus this team needs to clear out some of the rotted wood from the program.  Jarrett Anderson and Rusty Burns need to go, we need a new offensive line coach, we need a new special teams coach.  This team now has two weeks to let this loss stew and try to summon some pride to give Baylor everything that they have to ruin the Bear's dream season.

Check this thread throughout the day as the rest of the FoW crew will drop by to give you their take and analysis of TCU's seventh loss of the season.