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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 13

The bottom of the Big 12 is devouring itself and did a clash between last week's #2 and #3 teams mean enough to make a new #1?

"He's still doing Power Rankings?"- Bill Snyder
"He's still doing Power Rankings?"- Bill Snyder
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oklahoma State Cowboys
The Cowboys took their show on the road to Royal Memorial Stadium and came out with dominant 38-14 win.  When Texas has struggled this year it's usually been on the defensive side of the ball, with the offense reliably churning out at least three touchdowns per game only to see the defense melt under pressure.  Against Oklahoma State the Longhorns offense was shut down, while the Cowboys put up plenty of offensive numbers as well.  We'll call the Tech wins for Baylor and OSU a push as the Cowboys did it in Lubbock, but a road win over Texas moves the Cowboys up over the Bears considering how closely I had the teams ranked last week.  Once again I'm doubting the bears, but we'll see very quickly whether that doubt is justified.
Previous Ranking: #2, Season high ranking: #1

2. Baylor Bears
Baylor got off to another slow start against Texas Tech but blew the doors off once they got rolling against Tech's defense.  Baylor didn't do anything against Tech that really justified them moving them down, but Oklahoma State did enough to move up and that's about where it sits now.  Will Baylor be able to roll against the best defense they've faced this year, one that will make them sustain drives instead of getting everything in one easy chunk?  We'll soon find out.
Previous Ranking: #1, Season high ranking: #1

3. Kansas State Wildcats
The Wildcats struggling with TCU wasn't particularly impressive, but getting big plays against the TCU defense combined with Texas' rough loss gives the Wildcats their highest ranking of the season.  Sadly for the Wildcats this is about the limit of how high they can rise and are at risk of a tumble if they don't take care of business against OU next week.
Previous Ranking: #4, Season high ranking: #3

4. Texas Longhorns
When you look at the yardage totals you'd think that Texas did a lot better than they actually did- the Longhorns outgained the Cowboys, after all, got more first downs.  Then you see the yards per play and the interceptions and you see how the beatdown took place.  Without Johnathan Gray to get that yardage up and draw the attention of a defense to Case McCoy, which is just where he doesn't want it.  Texas should spend their time now hoping that they don't get matched up with A&M in the Cotton Bowl, otherwise all their bragging rights disappear.
Previous Ranking: #3, Season high ranking: #2

5. Oklahoma Sooners
It took a long time to get going, but OU finally got around to blowing out Iowa State.  Is Blake Bell really done as OU's starting quarterback?  Can Trevor Knight throw the football consistently?  This is going to be key if OU is going to eke out a win in either of its last two games, as neither quarterback looks particularly great at the moment.
Previous Ranking: #5, Season high ranking: #1

6. Texas Tech Red Raiders
The losing streak continues as Tech's incredibly back loaded schedule is providing all of the losses that this team deserved early on.  Tech showed up early against Baylor, took a two score lead and made it look like something might happen.  Then, one incredible interception later, the momentum swung so severely to the Bears it's lucky Tech didn't lose worse than it did.  7-5 is an acceptable debut season for Kliff Kingsbury (I know I'd take 7-5 right now) but after a 7-0 start there are going to be mumblings about another late season collapse that has become par for the course for the Raiders.
Previous Ranking: #6, Season high ranking: #1

7. TCU Horned Frogs
Please note that this in no way constitutes belief that TCU will do anything in their last game of the season.  Still, TCU hung tight with a KSU team that has put a beating on better teams than us and actually led late in the game- how often has that happened this season?  Seventh may be the final resting place for the Frogs, we'll see how I feel after the Baylor game.
Previous Ranking: #8, Season high ranking: #1

8. Kansas Jayhawks
The Jayhawks didn't just get a win over West Virginia, they dominated the contest to surge ahead of the Mountaineers in the power rankings.  I'm ranking the TCU > KU > WVU > TCU triumvirate this way because the Frogs performed better against the rest of the schedule, but if the Jayhawks win over ISU as well they may move up to #7.

9. West Virginia Mountaineers

Previous Ranking: #7, Season high ranking: #5

10. Iowa State Cyclones
Good try, good effort guys.  Your basketball team beat Michigan though, got to be excited about that!